Bookclub III: Why Read Sci-Fi Now?
June 28, 2014
In this meeting of BookClub, we will explore the manner in which science-fiction, in its feverish depiction of a reality saturated by technology, offers a novel perspective on time that resides on the boundary between critical and speculative thinking. Readings include three short stories by the postmodern master of sci-fi, Philip K. Dick, alongside three scholarly works by Jean Baudrillard, Friedrich Kittler, and Geert Lovink.

BookClub II: Still Life with Woodpecker, Tom Robbins
​June 1, 2014
"On Sunday mornings, for instance, sea-bathing competes seriously with churchgoing."
The Plague, Albert Camus

BookClub I: Civic Virtue
March 20, 2014

To Be Baptized,  James Baldwin 
Touching a NervePatricia Churchland
Excerpts from the Report of the Chicago Riot Study Committee to the Hon. Richard J. Daley

Mr. Squishy, David Foster Wallace 

Olivia Pope: My father wasn’t always a monster, he started out just like you, trying to do the right thing, trying to keep us all safe.
Jake Ballard: I couldn’t say no!
OP:  You could!
JB: I couldn’t! I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States--!
OP:  Don’t we all! Serving the Republic! I always thought it was a good thing. A great thing. True service—a calling. Now I think… I think it eats at you until you are not you anymore. Until you are lost, until you can’t remember who you were, until you forget yourself and all you can see is the greater good, all you can see is God and Country and you’re so busy being a patriot you forget to be a person!
JB:  Liv, what’s wrong?
OP:  Nothing. 
(Scandal S3E11)